Students for a Better Houston

Students for a Better Houston is a serious-minded student organization dedicated to making Houston a better place for future generations. The organization is part of the Houston Institute for Culture Program for Environment and Quality of Life.

The following public service messages were made by members of Students for a Better Houston (Ages 12 - 14) to raise awareness of issues the organization believes are important to the future of the city.
Public Service Message
Public Service Message (1.5mb)
Houston Homeless Issues
Public Service Message
Public Service Message (1.4mb)
Air and Water Quality
To view the above PSAs, right click on the link and save the Windows Media file to My Videos on your computer. Once saved, you may view them by right clicking and selecting "Open with Windows Media Player" or other video software.

The Public Servic Messages are available to Radio Stations as MP3s.
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Code is available to embed the videos on MySpace pages. [Click Here]

Students for a Better Houston promotes development of youth as future civic and community leaders. The organization is facilitated by Houston Institute for Culture. The organization meets at area schools and is based at the Havens Center. The student founders are part of the after-school program offered by the Havens Center and the youth development program of Houston Institute for Culture. For more information contact Executive Director Mark Lacy at

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