Students for a Better Houston

Students for a Better Houston is a serious-minded student organization dedicated to making Houston a better place for future generations.

The students set an agenda based on important community and civic matters, focused on environment and social concerns that effect quality of life. With the aid of educational resources and experts they consider the best solutions to challenges the city and its residents will face in the future. Through effective deliberation they determine the organization's position on issues and how students can make a difference in their community by providing educational activities and service projects.

During the spring 2007, the students worked to determine how the organization is structured and how it functions. They are determining who they represent and the best methods to consider the views of their constituency, as well as the potential to increase their membership to a wider region of Houston in the future.

In 2008, the group will seek advisors and experts on issues that matter to them. They will develop a communication process to deliver their positions or proposed solutions on their website and to the mayor and city council, school teachers and administrators, and media.

Students for a Better Houston promotes development of youth as future civic and community leaders. The organization is facilitated by Houston Institute for Culture. The organization meets at area schools and is based at the Havens Center. The student founders are part of the after-school program offered by the Havens Center and the youth development program of Houston Institute for Culture. For more information contact Executive Director Mark Lacy at

Thanks to Rice University student Ann Wang for assistance facilitating the student organization.

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